The Female Design Team Behind Lucid Motors

Automotive design is a largely male-dominated profession, but nascent electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motors is not your typical car company. Form Trends editor Eric Gallina speaks with Joann Jung, Sue Magnusson, and Jenny Ha – the interior design director, CMF design director, and exterior design manager, respectively – who are working to develop the California startup’s new line of vehicles.

This conversation takes us down various paths speaking about each of these wonderful ladies’ backgrounds, the Lucid brand, and the California design identity. Joann, Sue and Jenny also touched on the topic of diversity in the automotive design industry, and how women could be more present amongst the teams of people creating the next generation of mobility.



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00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Meet Joann Jung
08:42 – Interior Design Lucid Air
13:59 – Meet Sue Magnusson
22:12 – Developing Lucid’s California Identity
26:15 – Sustainability Factors
29:06 – Sourcing Materials and Suppliers
32:39 – Meet Jenny Ha
36:37 – Exterior Design Lucid Air
42:35 – Designing a Characterful Exterior
44:07 – Working in a Male-Dominated Industry
01:01:54 – Advice to Designers

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