Ayrton Senna's McLaren MP4/5 digital painting by Honda designer Vadim Artemiev

Corporate Partnership

Form Trends is an online portal with a global reach: we have 75k unique visitors on the website platform every month and over 100k followers on social media channels. This allows us to uniquely serve a targeted demographic across varied platforms to serve a company message and achieve results.


Form Trends’ website is heavily visited by professionals within the design community. We offer advertisement opportunities across our pages as well as sponsored articles for clients that suit our targeted readership.

With a growing number of people now getting their information from social media sources, we have also diversified our presence through multiple social channels.

Through our many brand portals – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and TikTok – Form Trends is uniquely placed to offer promotional services to companies across a number of platforms, each of which caters to a specific target demographic.

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Form Trends offers OEMs, suppliers and agencies an opportunity to gain insight into the industry and/or promote their brand and design message through an annual corporate membership offered on three tiers:

1st Tier – The first membership tier provides access to all content published on the site, including articles, photo galleries and videos, as well as all of the historical content on the site. 

2nd Tier – In addition to having full access to the site (as above), the second tier membership ensures your studio’s content is published and accessible to all site visitors (i.e. the content would not be restricted), and shared on all of our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc). This tier also includes design job postings for internships and entry-level positions on the site and a 20% discount for posting more senior-level positions.

3rd Tier – The third tier includes a bespoke video component (i.e. interview with designers) onsite at the facility as well as all design job postings for internships, entry-level positions, and senior-level positions on the Form Trends website. In addition, these offers would also be published across all of our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to enhance the visibility of the roles and the company.  

Please contact us If you’re interested in discussing this partnership in further detail. 

Founded in 2012, Form Trends tirelessly covers the automotive design industry in all corners of the globe to bring you exclusive content about cars, design, and the people behind the products.